The threshing floor

The threshing floor of the Luco Farm was used for grinding grain, its millstones were moved by man and by animals.

Farmers piled up sheaves, throwing down and spreading out the sheaves the farmer began to thresh them following the pace of the animals that crushed the grain in order to separate the wheat from the chaff. 

Then there's the winnowing that requires a slight breeze.

The winnowing began  early in the morning and, often, even at dawn.

Winnowing was done with a wooden rake, throwing in the air the already crushed head of grain, then the wind would blow the hay around the farmyard. After that they would collect it in the barn to feed the animals during winter time.

Wheat, being heavier, would fall to the threshing floor, to be collected, winnowed twice then put in special bags to be transported to the barn and then to the mill.