What they say about us

Several articles  have been dedicated to the Masseria, from the "GruppoUmanesimo della Pietra", which has enhanced its historical value and extraordinary beauty, from nationally  known experts  such as the photographer Angelo Golizia, who chosed it as image of the cover of his book "Farms" published by Leonardo International,  and by national newspapers including "Gente Viaggi", "Capital", "Ville e Casali", "GioiaTavola", and "Elle Decor".

  • Vogue 09-2009 
  • Le masserie 
  • Il Murgese 
  • La favola Franca 
  • Servizio su Elle Decor 04-1994 
  • Depliant Villaggio IN 
  • Ville e Casali 07-1991 
  • Masseria Luco su Capital 
  • Gioia Tavola 11-1987 
  • Gente Viaggi 1984 
  • Calendario comunale 1982